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Today’s consumers increasingly demand hyper-personalization and authentic experiences in real-time while collaborating with friends and colleagues. This is especially true of the event planner demographic, more than half of which are Millennials and Generation Y, who find emerging technology tools appealing and expect brands to offer these types of immersive interactions.

Based on the experiences of companies who have built successful as-a-service businesses, here are some of the most important considerations to help accelerate, industrialize and scale these to these new models, while avoiding unnecessary pitfalls along the way.

In addition, its long-term roadmap will help to increase the value from its sustainability management, and to leverage its sustainability efforts as a means of competitive advantage, a source of revenue, and a cost-reduction driver.

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Working with Dremind means working with a cross-functional team of experts who bring the knowledge and support you need to scale new products and platforms quickly.

Intelligent revenue growth

Drive top-line revenue growth and margin improvements with the right data and advanced AI & ML tools.

Cloud services

Accelerate innovation, intelligence and business value at speed and scale to achieve the full promise of cloud.

Engineering Compute

Bring higher-quality high performance computing products to market faster with the help of AI.

Technology orchestration

Rethink your business operation with successful technology transformation to as-a-Service.

Digital supply chain

Build an intelligent, customer-centric supply chain with leading-edge technologies.

Connected product innovation

Design compelling, holistic user experiences with smart connected products for new business models.

Modern platform engineering

Comprehensive engineering services helping companies differentiate in the digital era.

Open Banking - Open Possibilities

Technology trends & new user expectations are unlocking a new banking era and how the traditional bank acts will shape its future to lose or win this digital disruption.

Open Banking is evolving the industry toward online platforms based and enabling banks to expand their own ecosystems and extend their reach. Those that treat it as an opportunity will position themselves for a thriving, open & digital future.

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Our banking consulting services are powered by demonstrated industry experience and backed by a native and corporative scale solutions.


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